The Gyrotonic Method is a unique movement system that encourages functional movement patterns and improves spinal health. Gyrotonic exercises enable simultaneous lengthening and strengthening of muscles, stimulate circulation, improve coordination, and enhance joint mobility.  Gyrotonic sequences emphasize circular, spiraling motions, which allow expansion through a full range of motion, without any jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences help our bodies to find deeper breathing, natural stability, strength and flexibility.

Private Sessions

Sarah offers one-on-one Gyrotonic movement sessions, tailored to individual needs, at Inward Bound Wellness in Ashland. This personalized format ensures the ability to address pain relief, restoring balance, and rediscovering a full range of movement and motion.



All sessions are:

$95 for 1 hour

$850 for 10 sessions

Held at:

Inward Bound Wellness

258 A St., #12

Ashland, OR